Slowing Down in a Sped up World

There is no question that certain aspects of our lives are speeding up. But what appears to be happening is that we live in an era of material abundance and limitless opportunity, to do more things! According to a student researcher at San Jose State, Darrah, “People have crowded their lives with an incredible amount of stuff….but that stuff isn’t necessarily moving any faster than it used to. There’s just more of it”.

How do you cope in this do-more-faster age? One suggestion is to break tasks down into discrete chunks. Have a series of brief conversations instead of a lengthy meeting. Tasks normally completed in an uninterrupted space of time can become distributed throughout the day, several days, or even weeks.. Our premise is to break everything down into manageable pieces that you work on whenever you have time.

Merging of Work and Family

Life has become a daily dance of coordinating every day events whether at work or at home: work duties, day care, school, after-school activities, doctors’ appointments, friends’ houses, and community projects. Home life permeates the workday, with frequent phone calls and emails confirming and modifying the family’s daily activity schedule. Conversely, the demands of work infiltrate our personal lives, with couples using each other and their kids as sounding boards. Even the language and mentality of work affects our life at home. Researchers have found that the concept of management -time management for homework, backpack management – is pervasive.

It’s the ultimate worker’s work-life dilemma – how can you ever truly get away from it?

Years of field research and interviews corroborate the feelings of stress and anxiety that so many of us feel as we struggle to keep up. But their overall perspective is that people adapt. While we’d all like to make more changes, we are generally pretty happy. So relax and steal that moment of solitude. Soon you’ll be off and going again – and that’s o.k.

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