Keeping Your Life In Balance

Life management is more than just time management. It is the setting and achieving of personal growth and relationship goals as well as career, educational and financial goals. It is determining how you want to balance the many areas of your life, and making a commitment to those tasks that will achieve them. Very often we experience stress not so much because of the demands of career, but because of responsibilities in other areas of our lives that intersect with our careers.

How you deal with daily tasks can have a great effect, not only on how you feel, but ultimately on the achievement of your life goals. Here are some personal organization tips for both the business and personal parts of your life that can help put you on the path to success:


A personal planner is a must for today’s career woman. Keep it with you at all times. Use it every day, and in 21 days it will be a good habit!

Keep a running list of thoughts, ideas, things to be done, projects, errands, etc. These must be in one location so they are easily found.

When you meet a new person at a business or social engagement, make a note about them in your planner for future networking.

Begin each day by making a note of the 5-10 things that MUST be accomplished that day. If you don’t have time to sit down and do this, be creative and utilize commuting time. A hand-held voice activated recorder can hold your thoughts until you can write them down.

Notes written on small pieces of paper or sticky pads can get lost and create clutter, write only in your personal planner.


Keeping key personal and home information with you can help handle domestic crises and reduce your stress level greatly. Include service and repair numbers, info and numbers for children and family, and any medical info necessary.

Keeping car service info and emergency numbers with you can save you time and money.

Keep emergency items for all weather conditions in your car. Include water, snacks, a first aid kit and an emergency road kit that includes a can of tire inflator.

When keeping track of auto mileage, don’t forget medical and volunteer mileage. Put start mileage down before you start the car, and ending mileage just before you get out.

Using a pre-printed grocery list can be a real time and money saver. Most hand written grocery lists are basically re-writes each week anyway. Pre-printed sheets can help with quick meal planning, and can help with to many trips to the store.

Use project management at home just like you would at work.

Keep one central basket or spot for “To Be Read” items. Once a week, take 1/2 hour with a cup of tea and be ruthless. Scan, file, or recycle!


Keep a record of family and friends likes, and what gifts they have received in the past to avoid duplication.

Gift buying time can be cut down by making use of the many mail order catalogs available, or using on-line shopping avenues to purchase special gifts.


Give your personal goals top priority and make a commitment to yourself.

Do something special for your self at least once a week.

Small irritations can build into major stressors. Do what’s necessary to eliminate it or change it right away.

In the end, there is no one or best way to organize or to achieve balance in your life. Your personality and values determine your style. Have faith in your ability to get and keep your life in balance. Remember that old saying – It may be hard by the yard, but it’s a cinch by the inch.

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